testicle (1)



Proto-Siouan *ašų́•t-ka

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *á•šuhka

Crow áaška ‘testicles’ GG:3 , áaxuhka ‘kidney’ GG:3

Hidatsa á•šuka ~ a•šúka ‘testicles’ , á•xuka ~ á•xuhka ‘kidney’

Pre-Mandan *asųt-

Mandan asų́tka ‘testicle’ H:59

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *ašų́•t-ka

Proto-Dakota *ažų́tka

Lakota asų́kta ‘kidney’ EB:93a , ažų́tka EB:67a

Yanktonai †ažų́tka ‘kidney’ SRR:64b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *ašų́•tke

Chiwere a•štų́šče ‘kidney’ RR , shúnhje , †šų́hǰe ‘testicle’ JGT:171

Hoocąk šųųčgé ‘testicle’ KM:2999 , šųųcge

Proto-Dhegiha *áZǫhta

Omaha-Ponca †-ázoⁿttasí ‘kidney’

Quapaw ážǫtta ‘kidney’ JOD



Biloxi tcoⁿtkûtsi , †čǫtkutsi ‘castrated cattle’ D&S:265b

General comment

The Chiwere clusters are unexpected; šč is probably secondary < . The Omaha-Ponca, one Dakota, and MRS forms show different fricative symbolism grades. The vowel length pattern in Hoocąk suggests that initial a- was once present in this language. Ordinarily, all MVS languages agree on fricative voicing. This is a rare exception. This term seems to have undergone multiple derivations and meaning shifts. The reconstruction seems fairly secure however with the original meaning ‘kidney’.

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