ford, wade



Proto-Siouan *yo_phe


Crow híilappee ‘ford a river’ RG, GG:48

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *yo_phe

Proto-Dakota *čho_phá

Lakota copá , †čhophá ‘wade, go in the water’ EB:133b

Dakota ćopá ‘wade, go in the water’ SRR:103b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *yowe

Chiwere niyuwe ‘wade’ JOD , yówe GM

Hoocąk nįoowé < nįį howe JWE , nįowe < nįį howe

Proto-Dhegiha *žóphe

Omaha-Ponca júhe , †žóhe ‘ford’

Kanza/Kaw žophé ‘ford’ RR

Osage zhúpshe , †žó_phe ‘to wade, as in water’ LF:228b , opshé , †ophé ‘a ford’ LF:123a

Quapaw ánižóhe ‘ford a stream’ RR

General comment

This is an old compound. The bare root occurs in the Osage nominal, and possibly in Winnebago. Cf. ‘enter (3)’, ‘water’. Omaha-Ponca †žohé ‘ford’ (JOD), Osage †žó_he ‘to ford’ (LF-228b), and Quapaw †ánižóhe ‘ford a stream’ (JOD) do not match the other forms (as do the expected forms in phe), but nonetheless seem to be related. On the Crow form, cf. ‘bathe’.

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