catfish, bullhead

noun animal_fish



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *htó•zi

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *thó•zike

Chiwere thóðíge GM

Hoocąk coozík ‘bullhead (fish)’ KM:276 , coozik

Proto-Dhegiha *htóze

Omaha-Ponca ttóze ‘catfish’ MAS:35 , túçe

Quapaw ttóze RR, JOD

General comment

This set appears to be restricted to the central Mississippi drainage area and may not have a Proto-Mississipi-Valley reconstruction at all. The final vowels do not match between the DH and Chiwere/Hoocąk subgroups, but this is not uncommon. Since -e is the productive stem forming vowel, and therefore the most common analogical development, *-i is the lectio difficilior here. With catfish so common it is a little strange not to find a more widespread term in use.

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