brother (2) mBrel

noun social_kin


Proto-Siouan *i-ʔVka (?)

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *iʔVká

Crow i•ká ‘man’s older brother’ RG, GG:77, RGG:23

Hidatsa iʔaká ‘man’s older brother’ J


Mandan ų́ʔka ‘elder brother’ H:262



Tutelo wahīik , †wahi•ik ‘elder brother’ H , ewahyek , †wahi•ik ‘elder brother’ HW

General comment

Paucity of cognates here makes full reconstruction difficult. This term may be related to the birth names given male children in MVS. We have tentatively reconstructed two distinct terms for ‘man’s elder bro.’, but it is entirely possible that neither was really a Proto-Siouan kinship term, since both are only marginally attested in more than one subgroup. Note that Biloxi seems to preserve one of the terms while Tutelo keeps the other. The Tutelo i•i may correspond to the iʔV found in the northern languages.

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