break to pieces

verb physical_contact_deformation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-pótE

Proto-Dakota *potA

Lakota -potA, aglá- ‘beat in pieces one’s own upon; to float upon’ EB:56b , akápotA ‘soften down in a blanket’ EJ , pote ‘fluff a pillow’ EJ , -potA, awá- ‘something that’s cushion-like; sponge’ EJ , -pólpota, wa- ‘cut in pieces on, destroy on anything by cutting with a knife’ EB:98b , -potA, awó- ‘cut to pieces’ EB:548b , -potA, oyú- ‘shoot to pieces on anything’ EB:100b , -potA, waká- ‘tear to pieces in, as a cat sticking her paw into a hole and grabbing a mouse, or an eagle grabbing a rabbit’ EB:420a , -potA, wayú- ‘pound to pieces’ EB:527a , -pótA, ka- ‘wear out, cut up’ EB:571b , -pótA, pa- ‘tear by striking, as clothes hung out and torn by the wind’ EB:287a , -pótA, na- ‘pierce and open up, as with a knife’ EB:823b , -potA, ayá- ‘to wear out’ EJ

Dakota yupóta ‘wear out, tear to pieces’ SRR:636b


Kanza/Kaw -bóboǰe, ga- ‘litter, make by chopping with a dull axe’ RR , -bóǰe, ba- ‘root up the ground as hogs’ JOD, RR , -bóǰe, ya- ‘bite out chunks and drop them’ MR, RR

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