turn over (2), roll (2)




Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-ptą́-ra


Lakota ptą́yą, pa- ‘cause to turn over, upset or turn over by pushing’ EB:433 , ptą́yą, wo- ‘make glance off, as in shooting; to make turn over by shooting e.g. a boat’ EB:607 , ptą́yą, ya- ‘turn over with the mouth’ EB:626

Proto-Dhegiha *-htą-ra

Kanza/Kaw ttąya, obá- ‘roll something, roll over, like a tumblebug’ RR , obáttąya ‘roll something, roll over’ RR

Osage thiṭóⁿtha , †ðühtą́ða ‘roll’ LF:150b

Quapaw obíttąttą́da ‘roll over and over’ JOD , ttąda, odí- ‘turn something, pull around’ RR , ttąttą́da, obí- ‘roll something repeatedly in something’ RR , ttąttą́da, odí- ‘roll something over and over’ RR

General comment

This form is derived from *ptą́•, q.v., with a root extension and appears to be restricted to MVS.

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