blow (3)

verb natural_force_weather


Proto-Siouan *Sį́•kE


Crow xiičí ‘snort, blow nose’ GG:61

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *Zį́kE

Proto-Dakota *yužį́kA

Lakota žį́čA ‘snort, as a horse would’ EJ , žį́čA, na- ‘run away, flee or retreat’ EB:346b, EJ , žį́čA, pa- ‘make croak by shaking up’ EB:427b, EJ , žį́čA, ya- ‘snuff up the nose’ EB:621b, EJ , žį́čA, yu- ‘pull or blow e.g. the nose’ EB:640b, EJ

Dakota yużiŋca , †yužįča ‘blow (the nose)’ WM:19b


Hoocąk ɣį́k, gi- ‘blow one’s nose’ KM:338 , paara giǧįk

General comment

All three degrees of fricative symbolism are apparently found with this root, but there is little duplication among the available subgroups.

Reconstruction is tentative. Kanza/Kaw gažį́, gilážį ‘blow one’s nose’ has the same root but lacks the root extension.

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