blanket (1), shawl, robe

noun physical_artefact_dress


Proto-Siouan *wa-ʔį́-he


Mandan wį́ʔhe ‘blanket’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *mį́


Chiwere mį́ ‘blanket’ RR

Hoocąk waʔį́ ‘shawl, blanket’ KM:3170 , wa’į

Proto-Dhegiha *waʔį́

Omaha-Ponca waiⁿ , †waʔį́ ‘blanket’ MAS:19

Kanza/Kaw mį́ ‘blanket’ RR

Osage mį́ ‘a robe’ LF:91b

Quapaw mąį́ttą ‘blanket’ RR



Tutelo miqaiⁿ´hot’ , †mįxaį́xot ‘blanket’ DSF

General comment

This is a nominalization of *ʔį́hewear about the shoulders’, q.v. Although Mandan apparently lacks the verb root, the form given is the perfectly regular derivation product. The coexistence of Omaha-Ponca waʔį́ and other DH mį́ suggests temporally independent derivation with Quapaw showing an intermediate stage. The relatively recent Omaha-Ponca form is morphemically transparent and simply means ‘what you wear’. The same argument applies to Quapaw and Hoocąk (vs. Chiwere).

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