bear > grizzly

noun animal_mammal


Proto-Siouan *wąthó


Mandan wątóʔ ‘bear’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *mąthó

Proto-Dakota *mąthó

Lakota mąthó ‘gray or polar bear’ EB:334a, RTC, EJ

Dakota mató , †mąthó ‘the gray or polar bear’ SRR:309a

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *mąthó

Chiwere mąthó ‘grizzly’ RTC

Hoocąk mąčó ‘grizzly bear’ KM:2058 , mąąco

Proto-Dhegiha *mąthó

Omaha-Ponca mąčhó ‘bear’ RTC , mąthó ‘grizzly’ RR

Kanza/Kaw mičhó ‘polar bear, white bear’ RR

Osage mįchó ‘grizzly’ RR

Quapaw mąthó ~ mąčhó ‘grizzly’ RR

Proto-Southeastern *mų́•thi


Ofo uⁿthi, ū´nthi , †ų́•thi ‘bear’ [cf. ‘bear’] D&S:331b, JSS


Tutelo hamų́•thih ‘bear’ MMI

General comment

Cf. also ‘bear > black bear (1)’, ‘bear > black bear (2)’ for the phonologically similar term for members of the species besides the grizzly. ‘Bear’ and ‘grizzly’ terms have apparently become mixed in OVS. This is one of a relatively small set of terms that require postulation of a series of post-aspirated stops in Proto-Siouan.

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