basswood, inner bark?

noun plant_part



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hį́•te

Proto-Dakota *hį́ta

Lakota hį́ta ‘basswood’ EB:177b, EJ

Dakota híŋtacaŋ , †hį́ta- ‘basswood’ WM:14b


Hoocąk hįįšgé ‘basswood’ KM:1148 , hįįšge

Proto-Dhegiha *hį́te

Omaha-Ponca hį́de hi ‘basswood’

Kanza/Kaw hį́ǰe ‘inner bark’ RR , hį́ǰe hü ‘kind of elm’ RR

Osage hiⁿ´dse , †hį́ce ‘linden tree and its bark’ LF:60b

Quapaw hį́tte nąbéhi ‘slippery elm’ RR, JOD

General comment

The relationship between ‘inner bark’ and the several tree terms in this entry stems from the fact that the inner bark of the elm was used to flavor cooking grease in several Siouan cultures. Hoocąk shows a different augment used with what was evidently the core root of this term.

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