ashes (2)

noun physical_substance




Proto-Dakota *čhaxóta

Lakota čhaxóta ‘ashes’ RTC

Dakota caḣota , †čhaxóta ‘ashes’ WM:10a


Chiwere á•xohǰe ‘ashes’ RR

Hoocąk raaxóč ‘dust, powdery ashes’ KM:2536 , raaxoc

Proto-Dhegiha *-xóte ‘gray’

Omaha-Ponca mǫʔxóde ‘ashes’ RTC

Kanza/Kaw nįxóǰe ‘ashes’ RR

Osage nixódse , †nįxóce ‘ashes’ LF:111a

Quapaw nįxóte, nįxótte ‘ashes’ RR

General comment

Proto-Mississipi-Valley compounds roots for ‘wood’, ‘earth’, ‘fire’, or ‘liquid’ with ‘gray’. The Ioway form shows reflexes of an earlier *a•-xót-ka, but the prefix is unidentified. Hoocąk apparently has the ‘by heat’ instrumental.

Little is really reconstructible here outside the root for ‘gray’, but the set may be of derivational interest.

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