arise (3)

verb physical_motion


Proto-Siouan *kitá(-re) or: *kiktá(-re)

Pre-Mandan *kita•-

Mandan kitą́r , †kitą•- ‘awaken someone’ H:338 , kitá•roʔš , †kita•- kitár ‘awaken someone’ H:112

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *kikta


Lakota kiktá ‘arise, get up’ RTC


Quapaw kítta ‘arise, get up’ ASG

General comment

It is impossible to determine the precise status of the second k in the Lakota form and its probable reflex in Quapaw. It may be an organic part of the root, or it may be the regular syncopated reflex of the original *ki, with the initial ki an analogically added duplicate.

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