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Proto-Dhegiha *hpátǫhka

Omaha-Ponca páduⁿka , †ppádǫkka ‘Comanche’ F&LF:102

Kanza/Kaw ppádokka ‘Comanches or Paducah Indians’ JOD

Osage p̣ádoⁿḳa , †hpátǫhka ‘Comanche Tribe’ LF:125a

General comment

This set may well be made up entirely of loanwords. Padouca was a name used by Prairie groups to refer to more than one tribe of High Plains people (mostly Apachean and Comanche) to their west and southwest. Nothing is reconstructible except perhaps at the lowest subgroup level. Hoocąk vowels do not match those in DH for example.

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