this, here, now (2)

pronoun n/a


Proto-Siouan *Re•-

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *Re-


Lakota le- in: le ‘this’ [it may be placed before nouns or after articles] EB:323 , le- in: léca ‘such as this’ [this, and also hee and ee, contain the substantive verb] EB:323 , le- in: léci ‘here, in this place’ EB:323 , le- in: lée ‘this is it’ EB:323 , le- in: lehą́ ‘now, thus far; at this place’ EB:324 , le- in: lehą́tu ‘to this, thus far; now’ EB:324 , le- in: léna ‘these’ EB:324 , le- in: letą́ ‘from this place, from this time; after’ EB:324 , le- in: létkiya ‘this way, pointing towards one’s self’ EB:324 , le- in: létu ‘here, at this place or time literally, now’ EB:324

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *Re•

Chiwere ǰe- in: jehá , †ǰe- ‘this is’ JGT:2022 , ǰe- in: jehádan , †ǰe- ‘far; this far’ JGT:2023

Hoocąk te- in: te’e, tée ‘this’ [Compare re ‘this, here, now’ and te ‘this, here, now] KM:3107 , te- in: te’e, tee ‘over this way’ KM:269 , -te- in: cootégi ‘but’ KM:3119 , -te- in: cootegi , tée- in: téeži , tee- in: teeži


Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *Re

Biloxi nĕ´tka , †nétka ‘right here’ D&S:236a

Ofo lĕ´khati , †lékhati ‘now’ D&S:326, JSS , lemôⁿ´ti , †lemą́ti ‘here, this’ D&S:326, JSS


Tutelo né• ‘this, here’ GRO

General comment

There are clear doublets for this set, one with *R and one with *r. Generally, but not always, only one of the forms is found in any one language. Vowel length is clear only in Hoocąk and Tutelo.

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