this side (2)

particle physical_spatial



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *to


Chiwere dó- ‘side; on this side’ JGT:728 , dó- in: dórigi ‘side; on this side’ JGT:730 , dó- , dó- in: dórigu/ dóriko/ doriku

Proto-Dhegiha *to

Omaha-Ponca dú- in: dú-a , †do ‘nearer to me than that place, closer to speaker than to another; on this side’ [adverbial prefix] , dó- in: dú-a-hi , †do ‘on this side of the place’

Kanza/Kaw dó- in: dóda ‘this way, the one on this side’ RR

Osage tó- in: dó-da , †tó- ‘in this direction’ LF:37b

Quapaw tóhinį ‘that sg/mv/an object that arrived on this side’ JOD

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