swell (4)

verb physical_condition_change


Proto-Siouan *pox-

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-po•ši

Crow dappúši ‘swollen’ GG:42, RGG:101 , dappóoši ‘inflated’ GG:42 , dappóoxi ‘swollen, blistered’ GG:42

Hidatsa puši, naka- ‘swell, puff up, inflate’ J



Lakota poxya, oná- ‘swell out, puff up’ EB:396 , poxya, waná- ‘leaven, cause to rise’ EB:538



Biloxi pópoxtyí , †pópoxti ‘swelling medicine’ D&S:246b

General comment

It is always difficult to distinguish cognacy from sound symbolism with these po ~ pu ‘puff’ words since every language has them. Crow and Hidatsa also show š grade. Crow seems to preserve an earlier long vowel which in some derived forms shortens and raises in both Crow and Hidatsa.

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