swell (3)

verb physical_condition_change


Proto-Siouan *poh

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *pu•a < *po•he J

Crow púa ‘rotten’ GG:54

Hidatsa pú•a ‘rot, spoil, be swollen’ J

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *pó

Proto-Dakota *pó

Lakota RTC

Dakota po ‘swell’ SRR:423b


Hoocąk nąąwó ‘swell’ JWE , nąąwo ‘rise, as bread’ , nąąwú , nąąwo



Biloxi po ‘swell’ D&S:246b

Ofo pophû´ti , †pophúti ‘swell up’ D&S:328

General comment

See ‘swell (1)’, also the ‘shooting instrumental’ prefix.

Virtually every language in the world has a word meaning ‘swell, blow up, inflate’, etc. with the canonical form PUH where H is zero or nearly any fricative. Cf. English puff. Sound symbolism plays an important if not predominant role here. Compare howl for *o•he > <a class="Language" href="https://csd.clld.org/languages/hi" title="Hidatsa">Hidatsa</a> u•a.

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