verb physical_somatic_function



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-wrį

Proto-Dakota *-mnį́

Lakota the_mní ‘sweat, pant’ EB:487

Dakota themní ‘sweat, pant’ SRR:466b

Proto-Dhegiha *oRábrį

Omaha-Ponca unábthiⁿ , †onábðį ‘sweat’ MAS:167

Osage udabthi , †otabri ‘sweat, perspire, perspiration’ LF:167a

General comment

Cf. Dakota iní thí ‘sweat lodge’. Several Dakotan forms with -ni- suggest this stem is bimorphemic, probably *wa-rį́ originally. It seems likely that this form arose in MVS though, since if it were Proto-Siouan it should be treated exactly like ‘water’, with which it would have been homophonous.

Note that nasalization is complete only in Dakotan.

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