swallow (bird)

noun animal_bird


Proto-Siouan *awą́•-šo(-kE)


Hidatsa awašóʔriša ‘swallow (bird)’

Pre-Mandan *wą•sok (?)

Mandan wą́sok ‘swallow’ H:276

General comment

Cf. Hidatsa aʔriša ‘crow (bird)’. The reconstructed term is a compound of ‘bird’ (q.v.) and an adjective. Kanza/Kaw has a vaguely similar descriptive term for this bird: ǘbe žąkka ‘forked tail’. Biloxi tcoká ‘(to have) a piece broken out at the top’ suggests that the reference in Hidatsa/Mandan may also be to the swallow’s distinctively forked tail. (Biloxi č < Proto-Siouan regularly).

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