within, inside




Proto-Mississipi-Valley *mąrhe

Proto-Dakota *mąhé

Lakota mahé ‘within, in, into’ EB:327b , mahétu ‘within, inward; deep’ EB:328

Dakota ma-hén ‘within, into, in’ SRR:304b

Proto-Dhegiha *mąthe

Omaha-Ponca moⁿte , †mąthe ‘in, inside’ MAS:101

Kanza/Kaw mą́čhe ‘under’ RR , mąčhétta ‘under, within’ JOD

Osage moⁿ´tse, moⁿtsé , †mą́che LF:103a

Quapaw †mą́the ‘inside, under’ JOD , †mątháha ‘down into’ JOD

General comment

As is the case in other *rh clusters, this term is probably bimorphemic with a division between the r and the h.

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