stretch (2)

verb physical_contact_deformation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-zíkE

Proto-Dakota *-zičA

Lakota zilya, ka- ‘stretch out, straighten’ EB:296 , zíča, na- ‘over-stretched, as a machine belt that becomes too wide; to stretch e.g. a rope by means of the knees or feet’ EB:362 , zíča, pa- ‘roll out or stretch with the hand, to stretch by pressing against’ EB:438 , zígziča, yu- ‘stretch, make pliable.’ EB:657 , zíča, ya- ‘stretch anything with the teeth’ EB:632

Dakota pazíća , †pazíča ‘rub, roll out or stretch with the hand; stretch by pressing against’ KR:417b

Proto-Dhegiha *-zíke

Omaha-Ponca †ðizízi ‘stretch’

Osage baçi´ge , †pazíke ‘spiked’ LF:19

Quapaw zíke, bi- ‘stretch from pressure/weight’ RR , zíke, da- ‘stretch with the mouth’ RR , zíke, di- ‘stretch by pulling’ RR , zíke, ną- ‘stretch sth. by treading on it’ RR

General comment

Omaha-Ponca ðizízi, gazízi ‘stretch’ (JOD1890:166) shows this root without the extension.

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