star (2)

noun physical_celestial_body



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *Wi•hkáx(-ʔe/-pi)

Proto-Dakota *wičháxpi

Lakota wičháxpi ‘star’ RTC

Dakota wićáŋḣpi , †wičhą́xpi ‘a star, the stars’ SRR:568a


Chiwere bi•kháxʔe ‘star’ RR

Proto-Dhegiha *mihkáxʔe

Omaha-Ponca mikkáʔe ‘star’ RR

Kanza/Kaw mikkákʔe ‘star’ RR

Osage mihkákʔe ‘star’ RR

Quapaw mikkáxʔe ‘star’ RR

General comment

The first vowel of Mandan kéxe does not correspond to the a found elsewhere in this set. Nasalization of the initial syllable vowel and preceding consonant in this set is explained by the fact that this term incorporates the term for ‘moon, sun, orb’, q.v., in MVS. The latter term apparently had nasalization in a second syllable that spread across the glide to the first. This accounts for the nasalized reflexes of Proto-Mississipi-Valley *W in DH. See ‘moon, sun, orb’ for a fuller discussion of *W here and the long vowel in Chiwere.

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