wipe > rub, sweep

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *kįSE

Pre-Mandan *-kiš-

Mandan -kíšoʔš, pa- ‘he wiped it off’ RTC , -kíšoʔš, ka- ‘she swept it’ RTC , -kíšoʔš, ra- ‘he brushes it with foot’ H:112 , -kíšoʔš, ru- ‘he rubs it’ H:112 , íkakiška ‘broom’ H:112



Lakota -kįžA, ipá- ‘rub, as one’s eyes with the hands’ EB:230

General comment

The roots have a surface similarity, but note that Mandan and Lakota disagree for the fricative grade and nasalization.

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