squirrel > flying squirrel

noun animal_rodent


Proto-Siouan *šíka

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-šíka ~ *-šį́ka

Proto-Dakota *pšičá ~ *pšįčá

Lakota pšičá ‘flying squirrel’ EB:447a

Dakota pśiŋcá , †pšįcá ‘flying squirrel’ SRR:426b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *-šį́ke

Chiwere singe , †sįge ‘squirrel’ JGT:239 , shíñye , †šį́ñe ‘squirrel’ JGT:239

Hoocąk kšį́įk ‘flying squirrel’ KM:1911 , kšįįk



Biloxi tciká , †čiká ‘flying squirrel’ D&S:264a

General comment

Cf. ‘squirrel (1)’. This term too shows as much evidence of diffusion as inheritance. The reconstructions should be considered extremely tentative.

Dakotan suggests a fused prefix, possibly Proto-Siouan *wi-, found with many anaimate absolutive animal terms, i.e., Proto-Siouan *wišíka is a possibility.

Other languages

  • Tunica čáhki ‘flying squirrel’ Haas
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