squeeze (9)

verb physical_contact_manipulation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *xri


Lakota xlí ‘break out in sores, running sores’ EB:194a , kaxlí ‘get stuck’ EJ , naxlí ‘step into mud’ EB:344 , opúxli ‘stuff anything into’ EB:403 , paxlí ‘stick in the ground (e.g. a stake or stick)’ EB:426 , yuxlíxli ‘make dirty, slimy, slippery’ EB:638

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *xrí

Chiwere xlí ‘be sore’ GM

Hoocąk xirí ‘be festering’ KM:3917 , xiri ‘mash by shooting, blowing, great force’ KM:100 , booxíri ‘squash sth. smeary by hand (harder substance than horuzíp)’ KM:1510 , booxiri ‘melt metal; cook sth. thick’ , horuxíri ‘smash with pressure or pushing away from body’ KM:3522 , horuxiri , taaxíri , taaxiri , waxirí , waxiri

Proto-Dhegiha *xrí

Omaha-Ponca xthi , †xðí ‘pus’ MAS:142

Kanza/Kaw xlíxli ‘mirey, mud with water oozing up through it’ RR , -xli, -xlį ‘running sore’ RR

Osage xthi , †xlí ‘fester, suppurate’ LF:220b

Quapaw xdí ‘mucus, pus’ RR

General comment

Cf. ‘mucus

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