squeeze (4)

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-skíkE ~ *-skį́kE


Crow chkichi, dú- ‘wring out; milk a cow’ GG:44, RGG:26

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *skikE ~ *skįkE

Proto-Dakota *-skičA

Lakota kaskíča ‘press’ RTC , skíča, ka- ‘settle down, as does a haystack; press, press down on by striking’ EB:289 , skíča, na- ‘press down with the feet, as a man walking on a hay wagon to get it down; go down or become less of itself’ EB:357 , skíča, pa- ‘press down on with the hand; slang: swipe, i.e. steal’ EB:433 , skíča, pu- ‘be very heavily burdened’ EB:824 , skíča, wo- ‘press down tight by pounding’ EB:608 , skíča, ya- ‘press with the mouth, to suck or lick e.g. bones’ EB:626 , skíča, yu- ‘press, make tight’ EB:649 , skíča, wa- ‘press out with a knife’ EB:549

Dakota naskíća , †naskíča ‘press down with the foot’ SRR:334b


Hoocąk gisgį́k ‘wring out’ KM:396 , gisgįk ‘strike something saturated with water to wash it (“old time method”)’ KM:81 , sgį́k, boo- ‘beat laundry to wring out dirt’ KM:396 , boosgįk ‘press with foot to wring out’ KM:2220 , sgį́k, gi- ‘chew (as gum) to get liquid out’ KM:2562 , gisgįk ‘wring out by hand’ KM:2718 , sgį́k, nąą- ‘press down to get liquid out, e.g., mop’ KM:3471 , nąąsgįk , sgį́k, ra- , rasgįk , sgį́k, ru- , rusgįk , sgį́k, wa- , wasgįk

Proto-Dhegiha *skíke

Omaha-Ponca skíge ‘heavy’ JOD

Kanza/Kaw skį́ge ‘heavy’ RR

Osage çkíge , †skíke ‘heavy’ LF:277b

Quapaw skíke ‘heavy’ RR , skíke, di- ‘clench, pack in the hands’ RR , skískike, di- ‘pack, e.g. snowballs, with the hands’ RR

General comment

Note that sporadic nasalization of this root is fairly pervasive not only here but in the other fricative grades as well. Crow dúchkichi ‘wring out; milk a cow’ (GG-44, DEC-26) may belong to this set or may be cognate with Hidatsa nuckišE ‘wash, squeeze juice out’ (J), Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-ckišE.

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