squeeze (2)

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-sképE

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-sképE

Proto-Dakota *-sképA

Lakota sképa, ka- ‘empty something, as a bucket, gradually by drinking from it; bail out, empty e.g. a pond etc.’ EB:289 , sképa, na- ‘leak out, be empty’ EB:357 , sképa, pu- ‘pour all out, empty’ EB:449 , sképa, ya- ‘drink up’ EB:626 , sképa, yu- ‘cause to escape, drain off, evaporate’ EB:649

Dakota nasképa ‘leak out’ SRR:334b


Kanza/Kaw baskébe ‘scrape by pushing or punching, sponge off’ RR , büskébe ‘wipe a substance from another, scrape off’ RR , gaskébe ‘scrape, shave’ RR , nąskébe ‘scrape mud off the moccasins’ RR , yüskébe ‘scrape, as the fat from a hide’ RR



Biloxi daskĭpí , †daskipí ‘get the juice out of sugar cane by chewing’ B&D:213b

General comment

There are some notable irregularities here. The Biloxi form should have e rather than ĭ.

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