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Proto-Siouan *parás-ka

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *wráska

Proto-Dakota *wraská

Lakota blaská ‘flatten by beating, to make flat by striking, as a leaden bullet, or as done with an axe to hew’ RTC , -bláska, ka- ‘flatten with the foot’ EB:270 , -bláska, na- ‘press out flat, to flatten’ EB:341 , -bláska, pa- ‘make dull or flat on the edge, as a knife by shaving’ EB:422 , -bláska, wa- ‘flatten by shooting, as in shooting a bullet against a stone’ EB:511 , -bláska, wo- ‘flatten with the mouth’ EB:594 , -bláska, ya- ‘talk about unimportant things per longum et latum, to make much of a little thing, to add details; to thrash out’ EB:617 , -blaskaska, wayá- ‘make flat’ EB:561 , -bláska, yu- EB:634

Dakota mdaská SRR

Stoney mnaθká PAS


Chiwere bráthge , †bráθge ‘flat; broad; lid; plate; flat dish’ JGT:8

Proto-Dhegiha *bráska

Omaha-Ponca bðáska RTC

Kanza/Kaw bláska ‘cut straight, straighten by cutting.’ RR , báblaska ‘plane even, flat or straight’ RR , babláska ‘straighten or even the edge of sth.’ RR , bubláska ‘flatten, mash flat, knock flat’ JOD, RR , gabláska ‘flatten by treading on sth.’ RR , nąbláska RR

Osage gabtháçka , †kabráska ‘flatten out by hammering’ LF:43a

Quapaw bdáska ‘flatten, fold flat’ [vt bdíbdaska ttíbdaska dibdaska] RR , bdáska, di- RR

General comment

Comparison of this with the several forms meaning ‘spread’ strongly suggests that this term had vowel length.

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