spread (2)

verb physical_contact_manipulation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-wra

Proto-Dakota *-wrA

Lakota bla, óka- ‘spread out on or perhaps over; enlarging, as the foot of a stand’ EB:381 , bla, wapá- ‘spread out, make level; iron e.g. clothes’ EB:544 , bla, wípa- ‘a sadiron, flatiron; anything to flatten things with, or to smooth with’ EB:588

Dakota okámda ‘a piece cut off, broad and flat, as meat cut for drying; a slice’ SRR:361b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *-prá

Chiwere brá, ru- ‘level something; to spread’ LWR:25 , bla ‘separated’ , rubrábra ‘separate by hand’ JGT:224

Hoocąk pará, ra- ‘unravel with the teeth’ [Vroot only] KM:2558 , rapara ‘unravel, untangle’ KM:2436 , -pará , -para

Proto-Dhegiha *(rü)-brá

Kanza/Kaw bla, ága- ‘blame someone’ RR , blá, ga- ‘open, as the eyes or a bird’s tail, spread’ RR , blá, ną- ‘spread out or level by treading on sth.’ RR , blá, yü- ‘spread out or hang up to dry, corn/clothes’ RR , blábla, yü- ‘spread out pieces of corn or meat to dry’ RR , blá ‘spread out, as dishes’ RR

Osage thibthá , †ðübrá ‘spread a rope or a blanket’ LF:144b

Quapaw dibdá ‘pull apart, separate’

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