son, first or eldest

noun social_kin



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *į-krų́

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *(į)-krų́

Chiwere hįgrų́ ‘1st son’ RR , hį́glų ‘1st son’ GM

Hoocąk kúnuka JOD

Proto-Dhegiha *ikrǫ́ ~ *įkrǫ́

Omaha-Ponca igðǫ́ ‘birth name of first son’ JOD , igðǫ́ ‘grown son’ MAS

Kanza/Kaw ilóhįŋa

Osage iⁿgthóⁿ , †įlǫ́ ‘first son (special kinship)’ LF:75b

Quapaw įkdą́ žíka ‘first born son’ JOD

General comment

Nasalization of the possessive prefix is irregular but apparently widespread, occurring as it does in both subgroups in which the term is attested. Some sort of assimilation at a distance, while possible, is not an explanation. The restricted nature of this term suggests an areal origin.

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