something (2)

pronoun abstract



Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *ta•pa

Crow sáapa ‘what’ GG:66

Hidatsa ta•pa- in: ta•pato•k ‘what could it be?’ [-ʔ question marker] J , ta•pa- in: ta•paʔ ‘what is it?’ J


Catawba tα´pə ‘something’ KS:208 , tαpα ‘something’ KS:208

General comment

Cf. ‘indefinite/interrogative (3)’, ‘indefinite/interrogative (2)’.

The Catawba forms appear in a very muddled set of forms meaning “something”, some of which probably reflect *topa or *ropa ‘something’. Thus the existence of this form in Proto-Siouan-Catawba is uncertain.

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