noun physical_artefact_dress



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *pse• (o-hųpe)

Proto-Dakota *pse-ohąpa

Lakota psoháƞpa EB:446b

Dakota pse ‘snowshoe’ SRR:425b , pse-yá-pi ‘the water ash, so called because used for making snow-shoes’ SRR:425b


Hoocąk sée ‘snowshoes’ KM:2809 , see


Omaha-Ponca sé hįbe

General comment

To the extent that this is analyzable, it seems to be a compound of a root *pse and, apparently, locative *o- and local reflexes of *hų́•pe ‘shoe’. Parallel instances of #ps- clusters point to an older *wa-sé• where wa- is ‘absolutive’. Riggs’ explanation of ‘water ash’ perhaps reverses the direction of derivation. That is, rather than the tree being named for the snowshoe, the snowshoe is probably an ‘ash shoe’.

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