snipe (sandpiper, killdeer)

noun animal_bird




Proto-Dhegiha *htǫ́(w)į

Omaha-Ponca ttǫ́į ~ ttǫ́wį RR

Kanza/Kaw ttǫ́i ~ ttǫ́wį RR

Osage ṭoⁿiⁿ´ , †htǫį́ ‘curlew’ LF:155b

General comment

Cf. Tunica túwin ‘plover (killdeer, roadrunner)’ (MRH). Since in this environment DH o is generally [u] phonetically, the fit with Tunica is nearly exact, although it is of course not possible to prove borrowing with such an imitative term. Crow čuuwáawili and Hoocąk čweek are separate attempts to imitate, but Crow č does not equal Hoocąk č historically.

Other languages

  • Choctaw: lopinah ‘snipe’ RR
Language Cognate Phonetic Siouan Meaning Comment Sources