slip (6)

verb physical_motion


Proto-Siouan *-šutE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-šutE

Crow dússhishi ‘break by hand’ GG:44, RGG:26 , dásshushi ‘break with mouth’ GG:42

Hidatsa -šutE, ara- ‘lose footing, climb and slip’ J , -šutE, ná- ‘drop from teeth’ J , -šutE, nak- ‘glance a blow off, slip out of place and drop suddenly’ J , -šutE, nú- ‘drop out of hand’ J , -šitE, nú- ‘drop out of hand, lose one’s grip’ J , -šutE, pá- ‘drop a stick, push and glance off’ J


Proto-Dakota *-šuta

Lakota -šúta, wa- ‘shoot and miss’ EB:553



Biloxi natcûpĭ´ , †načupí ‘(her) foot slipped’ D&S:267a , datcpí, datcû´p , †dačpí, dačup ‘miss with the mouth, lips, teeth, etc.’ D&S:267a , dutcpi´, dutcû´p , †dučpí, dučup ‘miss, as in trying to catch a ball; it falls, because it slips from his grasp’ D&S:267a , ánatcpi , †ánačpi ‘kick an object and miss it’ D&S:267a , datcpí , †dačpí, da- ‘miss an object in grasping after it, or in reaching out to an object’ D&S:267a , dŭkŭtcpi´ , †dakačpí ‘miss in pushing or punching; to let a knife or an axe slip by the object without hitting or cutting it’ D&S:267a , kĭdutcpí , †kidučpí- ‘drop another’s property from the hand’ D&S:267b , natcpi´, natcûpĭ´ , †načpí ‘let the foot slip’ D&S:267a

General comment

Both Crow and Hidatsa show dissimilation of the root u to i following the ru- instrumental prefix. Biloxi shows a different root extension in šup. The Biloxi špi forms may or may not belong with the Biloxi šup forms. Gemination of Proto-Crow-Hidatsa in Crow is not explained.

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