wild cat (2)

noun animal_mammal




Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *(a)thą́tǫ

Biloxi taⁿtoⁿ (archaic); taⁿta , †tątǫ ‘panther’ D&S:272b , taⁿtoⁿná , †tątǫ ‘Ancient of Panthers’ D&S:272b

Ofo at‹ạ́nta , †athą́ta ‘wildcat’ D&S:322a , tạⁿtcĭ´ñki , †tą-čį́ki ‘little cat’

General comment

Quapaw may represent a borrowing from Biloxi or Ofo. Phonologically Dakota ptąotter’ matches this set, v. ‘otter’. Michael Nichols (personal communication) finds resemblant forms elsewhere in North America, so this is most likely a widely diffused form and a borrowing in most or all of the languages included here.

Other languages

  • Atakapa intuk
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