separate (4)

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-xąhe

Pre-Mandan *-xąh-

Mandan -xą́hoʔš, ru- ‘reach for’ H:309

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-ɣą

Proto-Dakota *-ɣą

Lakota -ɣą́, ka- ‘open, make an opening in, come through, as the wind does through one’s clothing; open by itself, or by the wind’ EB:272 , -ɣą́, na- ‘gape open, as a wound’ EB:342 , -ɣą́, pa- ‘be able to spare, i.e. for the giving away; part with, give away, spare; open by pushing, open up e.g. land’ EB:423 , -ɣą́, ya- ‘open with the mouth’ EB:618 , -ɣą́, yu- ‘open e.g. a door’ EB:635

Dakota †kaɣą́ ‘open’ SRR:248a


Hoocąk -ɣą́, wa- ‘raise by pressure or pushing’ KM:3263, WL:19.6 , waǧą ‘open, uncover’ KM:482 , -ɣą́, ru- , ruǧą

Proto-Dhegiha *-ɣą

Kanza/Kaw -ɣą, obá- ‘thrust into the belt’ RR

Quapaw -ɣą́, di- ‘gather up in the hands’ JOD

General comment

Although the meaning of the Mandan form is not particularly close to that of other entries in this set, the correspondences work very well, particularly when compared with related sets.

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