scratch > dig, dig out

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-škE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-škE

Crow -sči, dú ‘take out, open’ [< ški] GG:41 , dúschi ‘snatch, steal’ RGG:53 , -sčíhči, du- , dúschíhchi

Hidatsa -škE, pá- ‘poke; poke sth. out, push sth. out’ [-škhi ?] J , -škE, nu- ‘open, pull out’ J

Proto-Southeastern *-ške


Biloxi dutckĕ´ , †dučke ‘dig it up’ D&S:207


Tutelo †ilačke ‘scratch with the foot’ JOD , †olaške ‘bite’ JOD , †oluskese ‘to claw’ JOD

General comment

Tutelo s and š do not contrast, so two of these are just pronunciation variants from Proto-Siouan s. Ofo ą-tu-skhéknife’ may contain the x fricative symbolism grade of this root.

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