verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-xrátE

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-xratE

Proto-Dakota *-xratA

Lakota -xláta, na- ‘scratch with the toes’ EB:344 , -xláta, pa- ‘scratch or scrape along’ EB:425 , -xláta, ya- ‘speak as one dying; to bite or peel off the skin or rind of anything with the teeth; to tell a lie’ EB:620 , -xláta, yu- ‘scratch, as does a cat’ EB:638

Dakota naḣdáta , †naxdáta ‘scratch with the toes’ SRR:322b

Proto-Dhegiha *-xrate

Kanza/Kaw -xláǰe, ga- ‘peck’ RR

Quapaw -xdátte, di- ‘catch in the claws, scratch’ RR



Tutelo konaxlōtisel , †-xlo•ti- ‘scratch with the foot’ [-sel is aspectual or evidential] H:31

General comment

Although the Tutelo form appears to be an otherwise good cognate, the vowel does not regularly correspond with that attested in the MVS languages. Riggs lists numerous Dakota derivations (R-405b, R-605b, R-625b).

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