scrape (4)



Proto-Siouan *tká

Pre-Mandan *tka•-

Mandan tkároʔš ‘he scrapes it’ H:252

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-tká

Proto-Dakota *-tkA

Lakota -tkA´, wa- ‘scrape as one does hides’ EB:554a

Dakota -tká, wa- ‘scrape’ SRR:539a


Hoocąk -čgá, gi- ‘try, dig for’ , higicga

General comment

The fact that Lakota shows ablaut yet the vowel appears to have been Proto-Siouan *a in the other languages strongly suggests that Lakota ablaut is analogical here and not reconstructible. On the other hand, the Lakota form here may go with the reflexes of Proto-Siouan *tkE. The Mandan form suggests that the Proto-Siouan root may have had a long vowel, but in the absence of independent confirming evidence from a second language, we prefer not to reconstruct length to Proto-Siouan.

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