scatter (2)



Proto-Siouan *sirihe


Hidatsa -círia, nak- ‘he cracked it, it’s cracked’ J , -círia, íru- ‘cracked’ J , šíria ‘rustle’ J , -xiria, ará- ‘frying, sizzling’ J

Pre-Mandan *šrih-

Mandan širíhoʔš ‘it’s spread out, scattered’ H:235 , širíhe ‘spread’ RTC , -širihoʔš, ka- ‘he scatters it by striking’ H:235 , -širihoʔš, ra- ‘he scatters it by kicking’ H:235 , -širihoʔš, ru- ‘he scatters it’ H:235 , í_paširihoʔš ‘he thought about it’ RTC

General comment

This root is apparently restricted to the northern languages. The forms that are there suggest Proto-Siouan *Sirihe. Without more information we are unable to reconstruct accent and vowel length.

Language Cognate Phonetic Siouan Meaning Comment Sources