scar (1)

verb, noun physical_somatic_disease



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *srą-

Proto-Dakota *sną́zA

Lakota sną́za, snáza ‘draw up, as burnt skin; to be scarred; a scar’ [o- is a nominalizing prefix] EB:457b , osnáze ‘scar’ EB:404b

Dakota sná-za ‘a scar’ SRR:437b , sná-za ‘be drawn up, as burnt skin; be scarred’ SRR:437b


Hoocąk šąną́ ‘a trace (still to be visible)’ KM:2924 , šąną ?

Proto-Dhegiha *sRá

Omaha-Ponca çna , †sná ‘scar’ MAS:152

Osage usdá , †ostá ‘top of the head bared with age, bald’ LF:175a

Quapaw sta ‘scar’ JOD

General comment

Varying nasality is problematic here. Cf. ‘scar (2)’.

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