round (1)




Proto-Mississipi-Valley *pšų́

Proto-Dakota *-pšų́

Lakota pšų́pšų, yu- ‘roll into a wad.’ EB:648 , psų́psųla, pa- ‘rub and make smooth and round, as an arrow shaft’ EB:432 , pšųkhá ‘round, short, and thick’ B&D:447a , pśuⁿk’a´

Dakota yupśúŋka , †yupšų́ka ‘double up in a round bunch’ SRR:637b


Chiwere urú^shan , †urúʔšą ‘round, circle around’ JGT:218


Quapaw šǫ́šǫ, di- ‘mould spherical hands’ RR , šǫ́šǫ ‘round, like pills’ RR

General comment

Most if not all Proto-Mississipi-Valley *pC- roots are reflexes of Proto-Siouan *wa-C-, and this is probably no exception. Note that Chiwere often retains ʔS reflexes of both earlier kS and pS clusters in careful transcription. Earlier workers often omitted ʔ. Aspiration in Lakota pšų́khá suggests that the Proto-Mississipi-Valley root may have ended in -he.

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