rip (3)

verb physical_contact_deformation


Proto-Siouan *-paráxE

Pre-Mandan *:prax (?)

Mandan páraxoʔš ‘it’s pointed, standing upright’ H:149

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *bráɣe


Lakota blaga, okhína- , †-bláɣa ‘burst open, as corn in boiling’ EB:389

Proto-Dhegiha *bráxe

Kanza/Kaw bláxe ‘edge of something’ RR

Osage bthaxe , †bráxe ‘spread out’ LF:28a

Quapaw bdáxa ‘wide, as a road’ RR



Tutelo lubl’q´ , †lublax ‘rip, tear by pulling’ HW

General comment

Forms here appear to be in complementary distribution, semantically, with forms found under ‘spread > flat (3)’. If Mandan is a prelengthening root, then the Proto-Siouan reconstruction to *pa is justified.

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