verb psychic_cognition



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *ki-ksú(-re)

Proto-Dakota *kiksúyA

Lakota kiksúyA ‘remember’ RTC

Dakota kiksúya ‘remember’ SRR:287b

Sioux Valley kiksúyA PAS


Chiwere giʔθú, gláʔθu ‘remember, think about’ GM

Proto-Dhegiha *kisíre

Omaha-Ponca kiçithe , †gisiðe ‘remember’ MAS:146

Osage giçíthe , †kisíðe ‘remember, recollect, memorize’ LF:50a

Quapaw kíside ‘remember’ JOD

General comment

This root, not attested outside of MVS, looks at least superficially as though it already incorporated *ki- ‘dative, reflexive’ at an earlier time. An original Proto-Siouan *ki-sú would have undergone normal first syllable syncope to a more opaque *ksu- and then undergone a second cycle of reflexivization in pre-MVS.

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