red (1a)



Proto-Siouan *se

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *hí•c(V)hi

Crow hiítchi ‘pink’ GG:48

Hidatsa híhci ‘pink’ J


Mandan šéʔ ‘pink’ RTC

General comment

Cf. the discussion of the h augment under ‘yellow’ and the citation of DH ‘pink’ forms (with the augment) under ‘yellow > tawny’.

Crow/Hidatsa hi- is perhaps a pronominal stem (and a red herring in the analysis of the color term). The pre-Proto-Crow-Hidatsa form would seem to have been *sVhV > *shV. If so, Hidatsa has metathesized to hs. Cf. also ‘pine tree’.

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