rattle (1a)



Proto-Siouan *sawúhe

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *sawúa

Crow tawuá ‘ring, sound of bell’ GG:57, RGG:93

Hidatsa tawúa ‘ring, jingle, rattle’ J , cawúa ‘jingle, clang’ J

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *swú

Proto-Dakota *swú

Lakota swú, pa- ‘push into, bury, as in a barrel of corn; cut into strings’ EB:434 , swúya, pa- ‘rattle by pushing’ EB:434 , swú, ya- ‘take in small bead-like pieces with the mouth’ EB:627 , swú, yu- ‘make a rattling noise, as in taking hold of shelled corn’ EB:651

Dakota yusbú ‘make a rattling or rustling’ SRR:638a


Hoocąk -suwu ‘feel a grainy thing’ [Vroot only] KM:2284 , -suwu

General comment

The Hidatsa t- form is another example of t patterning with the spirant series. Crow t is the expected reflex of *s.

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