quantifier (2)


Proto-Siouan-Catawba *wi

Proto-Siouan *wi

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *wi

Crow -we in: sá•we ‘how many, so many, several’ L:159

Hidatsa -wi- in: táhawia ‘how many times?, several times’ [ʔ question marker] H&V , -wi- in: ta•wiʔ ‘how much, how many?’’ J , -wi- in: šiawiruk ‘how many times, sometime later’ H&V


Proto-Dhegiha *wi-

Omaha-Ponca †wįą́watta ‘in which place?’ , †wįą́wa ‘which one?’

Kanza/Kaw wi- in: wią´ma ‘which, which one?’ JOD, RR , wi- in: wią´maškidą́ ‘whichever, whichever one’ JOD, RR , wi- in: wi´ąmatta ‘whose is it? which one are you going to’ JOD, RR


Catawba -wi in: čuwi ‘many, much’ KS:152 , -wi- in: cuwəre , †-wi- ‘much’ KS:152 , -wí• in: tcuwí• , †-wi- ‘many’ KS:152

General comment

All DH examples occur in nasalizing contexts but appear to be cognate.

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