press down

verb physical_contact_impact



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-sų́te

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *awásųte

Chiwere awáθųǰe ‘press on sth.’ GMsf

Hoocąk hawasų́c ‘press down, hold down, be on top of’ KM:722 , hawasųc ‘be near, be approaching’ KM:1127 , hiwusų́c , hiwusųc

Proto-Dhegiha *-są́te

Omaha-Ponca ábaçoⁿde , †ábasąde ‘push against’

Kanza/Kaw ábüsąǰe ‘press down on, wrestle’ RR , ánąsą́ǰe ‘stamp on sth.’ RR , áyusąǰe ‘clamp sth., hold firmly’ RR , ábasąǰe ‘push against sth., have sex with’ RR , ágasąǰe ‘nail down tight’ RR , áyasąǰe ‘hold firmly with the teeth’ RR

Osage ábaçoⁿdse , †ápasące ‘push against’ LF:5a

Quapaw ábisątte ‘hold down on one’s back, pin’ JOD

General comment

Chiwere/Hoocąk generally preserve the *ų/ą distinction faithfully, whereas DH has merged the two in some languages. Therefore is reconstructed here.

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