verb physical_contact_impact


Proto-Siouan *-šípE


Mandan -sípoʔš, ru- ‘he pushes it down, squeezes air out’ H:207 , -sípoʔš, pa- ‘he pushes it down, squeezes air out’ H:207

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-žípE

Proto-Dakota *-žípA

Lakota ayážipA ‘pinch upon with the teeth’ EB:101 , yužípA ‘pinch’ EB:640 , nažípA ‘prick or pinch with the toes; punch or touch with the foot’ , pažípA ‘prick with a pin, press against and make penetrate; sting’ EB:427 , anáɣipA ‘clamp, hold fast, pin, as the spring of a trap does a mouse’ EB:79b, EJ

Dakota yuz´ípa , †yužípa ‘pinch’ SRR:648b


Hoocąk boozíp ‘mash by shooting, blowing, great force’ KM:107, WL:21.2 , boozip ‘stir sth. soft’ KM:437, WL:19.17 , gizíp ‘smear with knife’ KM:2049 , gizip ‘mouth (v) sth. soft’ KM:2585 , mąązíp ‘get fingers in sth. soft or sticky’ KM:2772, WL:20.5 , mąązip ‘knead,; mash by pressure or pushing’ WL:19.1 , razíp , razip , ruzíp , ruzip , wazíp , wazip


Quapaw nąžíwe ‘flush out with the foot’ RR

General comment

Hoocąk has a different fricative grade.

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