verb, noun physical_substance



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *prú , *wrú

Proto-Dakota *wrú

Lakota blú ‘fine, powdered’ EB:111 , nablú ‘pulverize with the foot; become dry and fine, as sugar stirred up’ EB:341 , pablú ‘crush, pulverize by pushing, as hogs do running their snoots through the ground; to flatten’ EB:422 , woblú ‘pound up fine, crush’ EB:595 , yablú ‘make fine by chewing’ EB:617 , yublú ‘make mellow; to pulverize, plough’ EB:634 , kablú ‘pound fine, pulverize’ EB:270b

Dakota mdú

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *bru

Chiwere blup’e ‘flour, fine’ GMsf , wabrú ‘powder’ JGT:205

Hoocąk rupurú ‘plough, v.’ KM:2712 , rupuru


Omaha-Ponca bthipe , †bðíppe ‘powder’ MJS:140 , níb¢i , †níbði ‘you pulverize it’

General comment

With rightward vowel exchange, Hidatsa pirapu•ri might be derived from an earlier *pirupa•ri in which *piru- might reflect yet earlier **pru- However, the remnant of the word is then unexplained. The Chiwere form is taken from GMsf, who got it from JOD, whose exact notation we have not seen. His p’ does not always represent .

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